Qualified Search In The News

Laura McCarthy is a recognized executive recruitment expert. She has written many articles on job search strategies, hiring the best candidates, and employment trends in the Washington, D.C. metro market.

Refine Your Candidate Interview Process — "Processor"

Laura A. McCarthy, executive search director of Qualified Search, an IT management and executive recruiting firm based in Herndon, Va., sees disorganization as one of the biggest mistakes that companies make when interviewing candidates.
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Don't Take a Holiday from Job Search — "Washington Post"

Just because the holidays are approaching don't give up on a job search. Laura McCarthy a recruiter with Qualified Search said several companies look to fill positions by the end of the year, or they may lose their position requisitions.

The Nightly Business Report — "Television Program"

Laura McCarthy, a technical and business recruiter was featured to discuss how the economy is affecting the job market.

The Top Skills: The hottest IT Job market in history keeps sent of the same alarms — "COMPUTERWORLD"

Workers with 10 or more years of experience easily find six-figure salaries says Laura McCarthy, Senior Associate of Source Services in Vienna, Virginia.

Are You Being Paid What You're Worth? — "Washington Post"

IT professionals with sought after skills able to command higher compensation packages says Laura McCarthy, Practice Manager for Source Services.

A Recruiter's Day — "COMPUTERWORLD"

COMPUTERWORLD spends a day following Laura McCarthy, one of Washington's top technical recruiters. From 6:00 am to 9:00 pm Jill Vitiello documented all the aspects of Laura McCarthy's typical fast paced day as a successful Practice Manager at Source Services.