What Information Technology Executives are Looking For

Understanding what IT Executive Candidates are looking for when they interview can help you find the perfect fit for your organization!

An executive who has done his or her research on your organization will expect answers to these questions below.

Be prepared to answer these questions:

  • What is the success criteria for the position?
  • What is the company’s succession planning strategy and are there growth options?
  • What’s the company’s view on outsourcing IT projects?
  • What’s the company’s view on build versus buying software applications?
  • May I meet with your board members as part of my decision process?
  • Can I see the company books so that I can have a sense of where the company really stands financially?
  • Can you provide detailed bonus parameters?
  • Are you offering stock options/equity as part of the compensation?
  • Can I have an employment contract with a severance safety net in place if case the position doesn’t work out or the business model changes?

The higher up the management chain you go, the tougher the questions become.

Effective IT Executives want to make a difference in the companies they consider working for. But when candidates are seeking positions at the senior level, they often are looking for more than top compensation.

Before you interview your next potential top executive, here are some inside interviewing trends that Qualified Search has identified.

  • How much influence will I have with management? Information Technology used to be its own department focused on technology infrastructure and stayed to just IT, now IT Executives want to know if they will have an impact across the business enterprise.
  • Who does my position report to? Will the position report to CEO, COO, CIO versus the CFO. Many IT Executives will feel as if they are running a profit and loss center if they report to a financial executive.
  • Will I be part of the executive team? IT Execs want to make sure that they are part of the executive team and part of the overall company decision making process.
  • What is my strategic role? IT Execs are looking for the Technology position to be Strategic (as well as operational) and IT must be a key factor in the success of the business and driving company growth.
  • What is the IT budget? Is there a budget for large capital expenditures versus just technology maintenance?
  • What about staffing IT: Can the company pay competitively for qualified IT Staff?
  • What is the company’s ethics? Is the company a reputable, honest business? Do they have SOX in place and take responsibility for their actions.
  • How would you describe your company’s management style? IT Executives want a good understanding of the management team’s style, as well as the style of their management peers.
  • What is the company’s clout? Is the company able to secure desired clients and vendor partners?

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