Completed Searches

Qualified Search emphasizes quality over quantity. When you work with us, you’ll receive highly individualized and responsive service whether you are one of our client companies or one of our candidates.

Our clients include companies in commercial and federal civilian management consulting, software development, and eCommerce.

The following is a selective list of successful searches:

  • Chief Technology Officer for a multi-channel marketing firm
  • Chief Information Officer for a marketing intelligence firm
  • VP, Product Management for a back office software development firm
  • VP, Database Operations for an email marketing software company
  • Executive Director, Information Technology for an educational association
  • Director, Medical Technology, for a non-profit healthcare organization
  • Director, Data Services for a provider of travel industry services
  • Director, Software Development for an online advertising company
  • Director, Project Management for a private multimedia publisher
  • Director, Quality Management for a data collection company
  • Director, Implementation for a supply chain risk management product firm
  • Director of HR & Recruiting for a business intelligence consulting firm
  • Managing Consultant for a boutique IT management consulting firm